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Will I require a deposit?
Yes. The deposit is generally the same amount as 1 months rent. We also require 1 months rent in advance, so to move in you would require the equivalent of 2 months rent.
Is my deposit returnable at the end of the lease?
Yes. You will get the full deposit back as long as the flat (and furniture if applicable) is in the same condition and clean at the end of your lease. If there is any damage / missing furniture or the flat is in a bad state this will be deducted from the deposit.
How long is the lease?
The first lease will be 6 months. This is the required minimum length for a shorthold lease. This will be reviewed after 5 months and if both parties are happy, a new lease will be issue.
What notice period do I need to give to leave?
1 months notice is required. Within the first lease (6 months) your deposit will not be returned to you if you leave before the lease is complete, but anytime after that as long as 1 months notice is given and the property is in a good state, then a full deposit will be returned.
Is the property managed and maintained?
Yes. The landlord is always available if you have any issues or queries. Issues are generally dealt with immediate response and any problems we aim to rectify in the first day. This can vary from a simple question from the tenant to fixing a leak.
Are my personal contents insured?
No. We have full insurance for buildings cover. You are recommended to take out personal contents insurance.
Are there regular flat inspections?
Yes. We will generally arrange a flat inspection within the first 1-2 months to make sure everything is okay for both parties. If you have any issues please feel free to bring these up at this meeting. During this time we will check the state of the flat and the furniture, ensure everything is working as it should (such as smoke detectors etc) and ensure you are happy with everything.
What if I have a problem?
If you have an urgent problem please call us straight away. This will be dealt with immediately. For our records we do require that you follow this up with something in writing. An email is satisfactory. If there is something non urgent we prefer if you request this via email, but if that is not possible, or if you prefer, a phone call or text is fine.
Are you regulated?
Yes we are registered as landlords with local councils that the properties are in. This ensures that the properties are maintained to the highest standards. This also requires us to follow certain protocols, such as an annual gas safety inspection.